2016 Ford F250sd 2004 Buick Century 2004 Honda Accord
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Welcome to OrderACar.Com, Your "No Hassle" Way Of Getting The Exact Car, Truck, Or SUV You Always Wanted, At Wholesale Prices!

Wouldn't you love to buy the vehicle you always wanted at the absolute lowest price possible? How about at dealer wholesale prices? Well, now you can, through Orderacar.com. Orderacar.com is specifically designed for the educated consumer who wants VALUE, but does not want to compromise on QUALITY or SERVICE. We work much like a real estate agent, doing all orders for just 5% over the actual cost of the vehicle. ($750 minimum) We even show you the invoice from the auction.

Here's An Important Fact About The Auto Industry That Dealerships Don't Want You To Know!

Dealerships acquire most of their cars at, Dealer Only, wholesale auto auctions, not from trade-ins. These wholesale auctions are closed to the public. They offer the best value anywhere. Orderacar.com, will be YOUR representative at one of these Wholesale Auctions. We become your eyes and ears. You can order a high quality, fully inspected, CarFax Certified vehicle and save thousands over a traditional dealership. These are the same pre-owned vehicles that end up at your local Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Acura, Infinity, Cadillac and Carmax dealerships... ONLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS!

Since we keep our overhead extremely low, and avoid ALL advertising and inventory costs, through our unique ordering process, we are able to offer you what traditional dealers can't! We also keep a small inventory of cars in stock which we are able to offer at incredibly low prices! These cars have all been thoroughly reconditioned, equal to, or better than, what you will find at your local dealership, ONLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS!

Order A Car.Com

The OrderACar.Com Process :

✔ Simply tell us the year, make, model, and maximum mileage, of the vehicle you desire and we will email you a list of potential vehicles and discuss budgets.

✔ Once you find the perfect vehicle, we set a maximum budget (your final price could be lower then the budget). If everything is acceptable, you provide a $1500 refundable deposit. This is usually done with any major credit card. The card is not actually charged and NO money is changing hands, this way you are totally protected.

✔ Assuming the vehicle meets our high standards, we make sure it is "Carfax Certified" (Accident Report, Mileage Verification, Lemon Check, Number Of Owners, etc.).

✔ We will purchase the vehicle with our money, assuming we can buy it for equal to, or less than, your budgeted price.

✔ Your vehicle will go through a comprehensive inspection and re-conditioning process as outlined in our buyers order.

✔ You pay for the car after you have seen and test driven it. If you are not local, then the vehicle is paid for prior to shipping.

✔  Need to have the vehicle shipped? We have arrangements with National Trucking Companies that can ship the vehicle directly to your front door and still save you thousands.

Order ANY Make Or Model Through Our OrderaCar.com Service.

Send an email to Orderacar.com at:
sales@orderacar.com with your name, the vehicle model(s) and year(s) that you are interested in, as well as the features you want. We'll get back to you within 24 hours, often much sooner.

Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for, if you are not local, we may be able to aquire a car at an auction local to you and save you on shipping!

Prices do not include title fee(s), tag fee(s), 199 dealer fee, or taxes.